Imagination needs sunlight to grow.


I love picking and eating wild blackberries.

Small is Better

Our camp is capped at no more than 6 children per camp counselor. This ensures children have all of their questions answered and that their needs are quickly met.


FTC, LLC's Leadership Program

FTC, LLC's Leadership Program promotes the development of young scientists. Students enrolled in this program will aid others in discovery. This is perfect for students seeking leadership credentials for admission to the Bay Area's prestigious learning institutions.  

Learn Through Your Senses

FTC, LLC's believes that learning is a full body experience encapsulating vision, sound, smell, touch, and taste. When a child learns to interact with the world in this full way, their brains form more powerful connections. Learning is intensified.

Children learn best when they approach a concept in more than one way. At our summer camps students will be doing science and art each day, and will experience nature through multiple lenses. This, combined with a lot of exploration, makes for memorable learning experiences.  


Each session runs $495. Take $25 off of each course when you sign up your children for more than one session or with more than one child.  Register

San Mateo & Palo Alto

Drop off at 8:45am and pick up at 3:00pm in San Mateo and Drop off is at 8:15am and pick-up is at 3:30pm in Palo Alto