Session 12: Georgia O'Keefe at the Beach

A master of light and composition, Georgia O'Keefe loved to paint flowers, driftwood, and nature. As we explore San Mateo's coastline, we take time learning the importance of composing foregrounds and backgrounds. It won't be hard to find inspiration as we will go to the San Mateo coastline's most beautiful beaches.

  • Monday--Pescadero Marsh
  • Tuesday--Half Moon Bay Beaches
  • Wednesday--Ano Nuevo
  • Thursday--San Francisco Beaches 
  • Friday--Central Park in San Mateo and the Bay

Monday--Pescadero Marsh--Pescadero Beach and Marsh for a fun day of building sand castles, driftwood forts, and climbing trees.   Pescadero Beach, a wide and sandy beach, is the perfect place to build driftwood forts, sand castles, and to climb a tree. As we explore the trails, we will see great blue herons, egrets, swooping terns, and even a bird condo where birds nest during the spring and summer months. If we are lucky, and our eyes are keen, we may even see a tree frog resting on the spiky leaves of a blackberry briar, and if they are ripe and juicy, eat a few wild blackberries. Beneath the waters, we may see a gleaming steelhead hunting in the marsh.

Tuesday--Half Moon Bay Beaches--Blissful beaches are places of beauty and creativity. Children will have time to look for shells, make forts complete with motes next to the stream flowing through the beach, and create intricate Goldworthy inspired art.  Next, students will have time to draw and paint their natural creations learning how to maximize the power of these natural shapes in their artwork. 

Wednesday--Ano Nuevo--A place of natural beauty and breathtaking wildlife, we will spend time exploring its wide beaches and sand-dunes, before spending time creating a massive beach inspired piece of art upon its golden sands. Then, from elevation, we will draw the designs we have made. The beach is a perfect natural canvas, and with the rising tide, all traces of our work will be etch-a-sketched away. 

Thursday--Windmills, Bison, and San Francisco Beaches--Brimming with an array of colorful flowers the garden in front of the windmill in Golden Gate Park is stunning. As we explore the hidden gardens in Golden Gate Park, we will create a triptych of quick sketches of our journey through San Francisco.

Friday--Central Park in San Mateo and the San Mateo Bay--After an epic week, we have time in a lovely rose garden to paint blooms, put finishing touches on artwork we began, and enjoy the sun. In the afternoon, we will go to the Japanese Gardens, and if we have time, to the San Mateo Bay.