Level 1 Courses

*  Works in tandem with this QuantumCamp class.

Level 1: Quarter 1--Modern and Ancient Biology *Prehistoric Worlds The anatomy of animals and environments

In modern animals there are many signs of ancient biology.  As we study a variety of living species including avian and raptors, fish, amphibians, and reptiles, we will piece together the long and storied history of the prehistoric world as we create a timeline of life on Earth.

Level 1: Quarter 2--The Biomes of the Bay *Microcosms The small worlds...the Bay and beyond

When peering into a drop of water we can see very little. With a little magnification, we see an entire universe of life we did not know existed. As we explore the small microscopic worlds, we will visit small inter-locking ecosystems studying each one in detail. Our scientists will compare these parallel worlds to see their similarities and differences. 

Level 1: Quarter 3--Ocean Life *Water-worlds Oceanography and sea creatures

It is said that an ocean is synonymous with an iceberg...more of it is unknown to us than known. As we begin to unlock the mysteries of the deep, we will explore the Marin coastline taking advantage of low King Tides to see what lies at the bottom of the deepest pools. Trips to marine sanctuaries create a better understandings of the watery world that represents 70 percent of the surface of our home. 

Level 3

Level 3: Quarter 1-- Chemical Actions and Reactions on Earth *Principles of Chemistry

Whether studying the PH balance of different parts of the tide-pool, or going to places such as Glass Beach in Marin to see how the matter we put into the ocean never really goes away, we will gain an understanding of the myriad of reactions that cause erosion, help create nutrients for plants and animals, and change the very world we live in. 

Level 3: Quarter 2--Electrical Grids, Hyrdo-electricity, Geothermal, and Wind *Electricity

Who won the war of electrical current? Edison wanted direct current and Tesla wanted alternating current. What would the consequences have been if Edison won? As we investigate  alternating current verses direct current, we will tour many places where electricity is produced, and learn about what is next for electricity. 

Level 3: Quarter 3--Rock Hounds and Structural Engineers--*Geoscience

Going past a road-cut will never be the same. When we are at the coastline, we will be able to crumble rocks with our bare hands. How is sandstone formed? How can living organisms (diatoms), turn into a substance as hard as rock? Why do some rocks have crystals in them, while others do not? Why does pumice float? Where does it come from? As we investigate rocks, we will begin to peal back the layers of Earth like an onion.


Level 2 Courses

*  Works in tandem with this QuantumCamp class.

Level 2: Quarter 1--From Basic Structures to Technological Marvels *Engineering Building and Structures of the Bay

Building driftwood forts on the beach requires a basic understanding of both materials and basic physics. Engineers must understand ideas of elastic and plastic to create structures able to withstand seismic events. We will venture to different areas of interest around the Bay Area be they cantilever and suspension bridges, or to the beach to work with simple materials to gain visual evidence about what engineers create. 

Level 2: Quarter 2--Marine Worlds *Oceans Forensics evaluations of interlocking systems

Why do fish have scales? What is sharkskin composed of? Which is the largest ocean? How has fishing influenced the oceans? What is the Pacific Gyre? How does a tsunami in Japan effect the North American coastline? As we investigate the interlocking systems of the ocean, we will form an understanding of ocean ecosystems. 

Level 2: Quarter 3--A Land of Bounty and Genetic Engineers *Let’s Grow Agriculture and Ecology in the Bay

Long ago a woman threw seeds into the air letting the light seeds blow off. She planted the heavier sturdier seeds for she had learned that they would grow better. Genetic engineering was born. As we investigate the agriculture of the Bay, we will uncover how farmers created their farms, and why their farms are located where they are. Through partnerships with local farms, we will be able to find out answers from the professionals as well as learn about the industry of eating.

Level 4

Level 4: Quarter 1--Our Puzzle the Earth--*Tectonics

Why do the coastlines of South America and Africa have similar shapes? Why does the Cal Berkeley football field have a split in its middle? How do the lowest places on earth form? All these questions and more will be answered as we unlock the secrets of the Bay Area’s seismic past as well as learn about how to be excellent rock hounds and interpreters. We will also visit scientific agencies to peer behind the science of structural engineers and potential early warning systems. 

Level 4: Life Habitats-- *The Living Earth

As we investigate the deeper consequences of our actions on earth, we will travel to places where environmental degradation have taken their toll, as well as places that have recovered due to man’s corrective matters. Whether it is the removal of an old damn so steelhead and salmon can once again travel up streams, or going to places where industrial salt mining destroyed vital Bay Area habitats, we will gain a better sense of the impact of mankind upon the Earth as well as benevolent acts such as the estuary at Crissy Fields. 

Level 4: Quarter 3--Peculiar Life Forms *Evolution

Investigating a variety of species, and in particular their peculiar adaptations, our scientists will begin to uncover the natural processes of life on Earth as it adapts to our ever-changing environments.