FTC Winter Camp (December 30-January 3rd)

8:30 am pick-up in San Mateo. Pick-up available in Los Altos. Please call: 415-577-6119 for details. 

  • Monday--Arches of Santa Cruz. This time of year, when traipsing through the groves of milkweed, it is advisable to gaze upwards. Above, floating in the cool breezes, monarch butterflies flit toward leaves and land. Using a pair of binoculars one sees no leaves, but rather, a flutter of colorful butterfly wings. Magical and inspiring, this day of gentle exploration along the coastline is sure to be memorable. 
  • Tuesday--Bean Hollow State Beach. Amazing driftwood creations inspire our constructive campers to build detailed, intriguing, and artful driftwood forts along the beach. Understanding the dynamics of weight and anchoring posts, children begin to build sturdy structures as they imagine native tribes doing the very same. 
  • Wednesday--Butano State Park--Groves of ancient redwood trees tower above us. How did they get to be so tall? How have they survived through the ages? In the morning, if we are lucky, the last bits of wispy fog will still be present in the forest. This vital moisture is the key to the success of these amazing trees that have survived through the ages. Active explorers learn about how fragile the environment is by seeing these magnificent trees up close. As we climb through the forest, we begin to feel less humid air, and soon we no longer find massive redwood trees. Is there a link? An awe in spiring day, children will love spend time exploring this wonderful forest environment.  This is the perfect day to learn how many types of green actually exist in nature...an infinite amount. We will have time to put finishing touches on projects.
  • Thursday--(San Francisco’s Crissy Fields)--If you are studying structures, why not gaze at the under-girders of one of the most iconic bridges in the world? An epic and beautiful journey through San Francisco's architecture and bridge building wonders, we take a fun jaunt studying how form and function work hand and glove, and bridge and bay.  
  • Friday--Pigeon Pt. Lighthouse--110 feet tall, with more than a million bricks Pigeon Pt. Lighthouse is an amazing architectural structure to gaze at. We spend our last day of camp exploring these wonderful beaches, learning about the function of the lighthouse, and designing future structures.