A day in the life...

Each day, we will arrive at our pick-up place 10 minutes prior to our daily departure. We greet you and your children, sign-in, load backpacks into the vehicle, and go over any last minute details.

Looking in a Pencil Bag.jpg

I have had many experiences over the past few days of camp. My friends and I explored the coastline, and found it full of life. We hiked in an estuary, and saw great American egrets hunting along the shore. Tomorrow we are going to a tree that talks named Eudora.

Our days are filled with activities specific to each location.  Environmental treasure hunts excite our explorers to peer closer and see more. Your children's questions are answered by our trained staff, and often new questions are posed to your child.

A trip to a tide-pool means making a tide-pool salad as we collect a diverse amount of animate and inanimate object we find along the shore.

Exploring the forests, means that we count the rings of redwood trees to look for evidence of ancient droughts and forest fires. Banana slug finding competitions make a hike a joyous event.

As we learn and explore, we often make small documentaries of our findings. Our joy is capturing the moments of discovery to bring home to you in slide-shows and documentaries.

Upon our ride home, we often chat about what we have seen, the new day of exploration to come, and have time to laugh and sing songs.

Children report being both happy for the long day of exploration, and also being tired. Our parents often report their children go to sleep early, but the next morning are ready for a new adventure, new experiences, and new words to define what they have seen, touched, tasted, and heard.

Nature is the ultimate classroom.


What ages is this appropriate for?

We work with students aged 6-12 and will split them into age appropriate groups upon arrival at our daily destination.

What should my child wear?

Children will need layers of clothing, that go from light to warm, a sturdy pair of shoes, and a cap or bandana.

What will children need to bring?

  • A lunch with a snack and water. (We provide extra water.)
  • an extra change of clothing and dry shoes
  • water shoes
  • towel
  • sunscreen (We always have more sunscreen available)
  • camera (we are not responsible for your child's personal camera. We always take pictures of our expeditions, and post many of these pictures.)
  • Any emergency medicine they might need. (Please make this known to the staff, and hand-off materials they will need to keep in their safety equipment.)

Can I call my child during the day?

Typically the places we go do not have cell phone reception. Your child is allowed to call you to confirm pick-up times. You can find out how to reach us on our Contact page.

What if I am late dropping off my child?

We wait about 5 minutes after the regular drop-off time if someone is late. Please call our instructors in that case to make arrangements, or to let them know you will not be joining the group for that day. 

What time will my child return?

Our drivers are instructed, for the sake of safety, not to rush. In the case of traffic, we may be ten minutes late returning. Typically, we run on time.